Another ex french government figure convicted of complicity to crimes was released from jail a day before a court hearing was to start in the murder case against the ex president. Alain Rastoux.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who headed the Central Planning Commission under Holland화천안마e durin인터넷바카라g the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, has admitted having links with a former executive head of the banking sector.

Former French finance minister and director general of the agency EDF is also facing up to 15 years in jail for his alleged role in a plot to hide evidence that EDF was involved in a conspiracy against investors in Cyprus.

Rastoux is suspected of working with Sarkozy’s son, the president, at the time.

Rastoux is also accused of having sent at least €600,000 ($800,000) to a company linked to the former president, even though it was supposed to have been held by the former president.

This is 강릉출장마사지a developing story.