Another rock fisher dies of fish poisoning after catching one

WACO, Texas – A Texas rock fisherman died Friday, August 1, 2012 after he caught a wild fish with an ax.

It happened on the Pecos River when 51-year-old Tony S. Williams was fishing near the end of his shift with the Gulf Ranch Rock Fishermen’s Associa바카라 룰tion.

That’s when he pi용인출장안마cked up a wild trout fish.

Says Willie Wachter, a member of the association, Williams and another volunteer tied the fish to a pole. The fish flew away and landed near shore.

A few seconds later, Williams noticed what looked like a sharp blade protruding out of the end.

“We pulled the fish off the pole and then he went to the ground and fell on his face,” says Wachter. “He died about 3 o’clock that night. He probably hit his head and there’s nothing he could have done about it.”

Williams had just taken his first wild trout on his first day at the camp.

The fish got stuck to another rock and his friend, Bob Ramey, pulled it away while Williams was still down there. Ramey has been with the Gulf Ranch Rock Fishermen’s Association since 1991.

But the blade was still there and not gone. Wachter says his colleague didn’t notice it when they started taking the fish down to the river.

“The fish wasn’t even 카지노alive, just holding the bait,” says Wachter.

At the time of the incident, there was only one other person who had died after eating a rockfish. The other was the co-worker who was bitten by a rockfish, Wachter adds.

On the Facebook page of the Gulf Ranch Rock Fishermen’s Association, a man who said he was at the same spot as Williams and said it took him “several hours” to find the fisherman says, “Tony would have wanted to know how to properly catch one of these.”

Says William L. McKeown, a member of the association, “We are devastated by Tony’s loss. The only people left at the camp can’t explain how they did not see it happen.”

When Wachter’s crew found the dead fish they immediately checked to make sure no one was hurt. They got a few pieces of the fish and went to the scene and made a beeline for a few locals to grab it.