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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – At least 40 workers at the State Street Casino in Syracuse were locked out Tuesday with no notice or contract negotiations in progress, with negotiations not coming to an end until Wednesday.

At 12:02am, casino workers responded to a disturbance and discovered several workers locked in the lobby, facing away from the exits when they were told to go back in.

The workers locked out of the building had an agreement with the Casino Management Commission, but with no contract signed.

Employees at the state-owned casino say that under the contract, they were required to pay a minimum wage of $15 an hour, but those jobs were not the same as part-time or temp jobs.

According to the contract, part-time employees and the temporary workers who were required to be paid overtime are not part of the current contract negotiations.

Instead, those workers are being treated as non-contracted.

That means no more overtime or other types of pay.

So why is it that there is this problem at a state-owned casino in one of the most Democratic cities in the country?

“I mean there isn’t anything like this that I know of,” said Joe LaManna with the Union of South Carolina Union Representatives.

“I think what’s shocking to me is that they hav강남출장안마 강남안마en’t yet offered their workers a fair contract. I mean their employees are working on a contract that they can’t get out of just like the employees at one of the big unions are now. Why haven’t they given employees the opportunity to actually go to the bargaining table and say, ‘We want this, we want that. Let’s bargain,'” said LaManna.

When asked why they were forced to work without a contract and then take a strike if there wasn’t one, casino workers said they wanted something they feel is in their best interest.

So what’s the solution? The workers say they want to be in the bargaining table.

State Rep. Tony Strunsky from South Carolina says he had his staff gather at the State Street Casino to try and stri우리 카지노ke.

State Sen. Andrew Barr from the state Senate, tells News10 they will have to ask the governor, but he told the workers he is confident they can get anything they want.

“We understand it is difficult. I want to be absolutely clear. I wan