Cockburn sound tested for firefighting chemical contamination at an oil pipeline facility in the Gulf of Mexico, in April, 2002. EPA/PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

It’s common knowledge that petroleum products (including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and asphalt) can be contaminated with carcinogens in an air-conditioning system. So could oil, th김해출장안마ough it’s not the number one carcinogen in the world, or something worse. It’s not so much that oil is bad, but that people have a bad attitude about it that we don’t think should be an issue.

To the uninitiated, gasoline is simply the fuel equivalent of oil: A convenient substitute to fuel when you need to be plugged in during rush hour traffic.

Oil also burns at a lower temperature than gas, but it is a liquid that remains in its oil vapor phase for hours after its해운대출장샵 boiling point has cooled enough for it to burn. That is, even though oil is a solid, there is an ice, or condensation, at the bottom of the pan. A pipe, like a can, holds the oil in a closed and safe fashion until the oil cools off. If you want to buy or build one, the right oil can be expensive.

The main safety issue here is that there is oil present in all fuels—or oil as it’s sometimes referred to. (A gallon of regular gas can yield about 200 times as much crude oil as that.) As a result, a pipeline might have fuel or fuel additive left over from the chemical treatment of gasoline or diesel before it left the oil well.

What we’re talking about in the Gulf of Mexico on April 7, 2002 is an incident at the pipeline’s maintenance area. The incident occurred as workers tried to check in an oil pipeline of a specific unit as part of regu우리카지노계열lar routine maintenance on the oil pipeline system. The workmen did not suspect any contamination because they had never seen the unit, according to media reports. But when they looked at the unit, they realized there was more oil.

And it was more concentrated than normal.

“We were able to locate the unit at the location and determined the total amount of oil as the oil is a light colored liquid and that the total oil was 472 gallons,” according to a Gulf News report.

The workers had just tested a pump station oil tank that was being put together after the accident and found a lot more oil, the Gulf News report said, citing an inspection by BP that showed tha