Council shelves livestock burial pit plan

Randy Browning’s company, TAC Management, has announced a moratorium on animal burial pits an007카지노로얄d plans to put the plan on hold until the city, in collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, determines whether the pit was built legally.

The proposed pit was installed at Greenway P용인출장샵ark in 2009. But the city told Browning he had two days to remove it, which he did. On June 6, the city sent a letter to TAC informing them the burial pit had been demolished. In the notice, TAC said that due to the setback and high volume of livestock and other animals entering the park, the site was deemed uninhabitable.

A copy of Browning’s letter, obtained by the Bay Area News Group, reads:

We believe that the proposed landfill in the city’s Greenway Park is unsanitary due to the high volumes of livestock and other animals entering the park, which include over 800 animals from the same pit. Since our initial inspection by the city we have learned that this landfill was never legally built, therefore we have no choice but to place the proposed pit on hold while we complete our review of the matter.

In a May 21 interview, Browning said he was disappointed to learn that TAC had been in possession of his paperwork. He later told the Los Angeles Times that TAC “has호 게임 a right to do what they want with it.”

On Oct. 15, city officials told Browning that it was too early to remove the proposed pit. They also asked him to submit an easement to the city stating that the hole no longer served food waste or animals. Browning agreed to sign the easement. He will not hand over the property for demolition and he wants an environmental impact statement (EIS) done by Oct. 23.

“It will have a good environmental impact statement to put that (the pit) back up,” Browning told the LA Times. “I’m hoping it will get an approval. I have to live through them, but I don’t know if I have the means. If I have the financial means or the money, I would not let that happen.”

The environmental impact statement is required to establish how a proposed landfill would effect the environment, including potential health concerns for the animals and the public, Browning said. Browning told the LA Times that he believes he is within his rights to remove the pit from the park.

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