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Trevorson, a senior federal attorney who was elected to the Senate in 2009바카라, said the Supreme Court decision in the cases of Bali and Rader could have implications for the use of capital punishment in the U.S.

Under the Supreme Court decision, Florida could no longer rely on the federal death penalty to kill a criminal accused of murder or an attempted murder.

Florida is still executing convicted murderers without the need for judicial intervention. But after that process was halted, state prisons were able to offer more inmates with some premeditated crimes such as drug trafficking.

A federal court panel last week upheld that moratorium, leaving it in place for another year while the U.S. Supreme Court considers whether to take up the cases of the two women’s appeals.

“This is a very positive sign in the face of the court’s recent ruling on that,” said Dutton, whose office is considering the appeals. “It says that a death sentence can now be applied retroactively to an offender’s conviction prior to trial.”

The Supreme Court decision also gives the Bush administration a major opportunity to strike down the death penalty after the death sentences it imposed at the same time were found to be unconstitutional for crimes of the war on terror and for other high-profile offences.

Florida has had five death-penalty executions since the end of January 2001 — by lethal injection and in a gas chamber — a high total that compares파라오 카지노 with only 12 executions in the U.S. over that time.

Dutton said Florida is preparing to respond with more executions over time.

The state, though, could be facing several hurdles before those executions begin, such as the Supreme Court’s order on the executions in the first week in December.

Florida would be required under the Supreme Court ruling to execute a second condemned prisoner by a different date than was ordered earlier this year by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in the two cases from Friday to Dec. 16. The ruling comes amid reports of Florida executions in the “horror capital” of Clayton County — where there is a high-profile prisoner on death row.

Also in Decembe로투스 홀짝r, the state’s longest-standing death row prisoner, William Morgan, was pronounced dead at 8 p.m. on the same day the U.S. Supreme Court decided the case of his appeal against his death sentence. He has been on the death row in the Seminole County jai