Excitement builds in brisbane for liverpool showdown with roar of derby

Liverpool thrashed Real Madrid 3-0 in the천안 출장 안마 Premier League on Saturday, with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge both scoring, as the champions claimed their sixth trophy since the completion of a three-year trophy drought.

With their fans in the city hoping for a return to title glory, it is a fitting end to a long-term campaign.

With the match now officially confirmed, we spoke to some of the fans about their passion for football and their feelings about the upcoming game:

Daniel: It is important to have Liverpool fans in the city

“I don’t care about Liverpool, I don’t like football anymore. Every game it is one in which I have to get my team out, but not here. There are many more tickets available to buy, so it is the right thing to do.”


“I am coming here to watch Liverpool. This season has been very nice for me; we lost to Monaco in the Super Cup and they have won the Europa League so it has been nice.”


“We came here because of Real Madrid, but it is always important for me, because I live in England, a place w블랙 잭here there is not so much football, and I can’t get into a lot of the games because of English teams and the Spanish teams because they have English players and I know many of them, so it is nice to visit.”


“My mum works in a real hotel near here, so it will be important for me to come and spend some time with the people here. It is hard to see the city, but we would hope that this is a great opportunity for us, so I will come here when I get the chance.”


“I came here for the last leg of the Europa League against Bayern Munich but when I got to the city, I found this fantastic atmosphere. When you come to London you have the best atmosphere, but now to come and watch LFC on one of the biggest stadiums in the world is really nice. The atmosphere here is great; it is even better than here. The fans are great; they are amazing. We go and support the team every week. At first w온 카지노e only have supporters in the area for a few games. In the end, we have to go to the pitch and cheer the team, but the fans are amazing. I think it’s a great game to play, a great game to watc