Hamas hit hard but operation co온라인카지노ntinues barakat will continue until we see a real end to this terrorist occupation”

The attack comes months after Israeli tanks pounded the northern village of Deir Yassin, located in the central occupied West Bank.

Khalil Radwan, head of the Deir Yassin branch of Hamas’ security services, confirmed on Wednesday the “bombings” but said “Operation Barakat” was the name for the offensive to retake th실시간 카지노e area and ensure it was freed from the occupation regime.

The military operation began at dawn Thursday and had taken six hours to complete.

The Palestinian Authority called for “all efforts to stop the bloodshed안산출장안마 and bring security to the entire Gaza Strip”, a statement quoted by AFP said.

The West Bank’s UN-recognised Hamas regime declared an end to “occupation” of Deir Yassin two weeks ago and declared it an enemy state.

However, the West Bank has long been embroiled in tensions with Israel, and some West Bank residents still support militants.

The fighting has caused significant chaos for the Israeli army, with the dead and wounded among the hundreds of Palestinians wounded by Israeli attacks, as well as a large number of Palestinians killed in cross-border clashes with Israeli soldiers.