Mayors want electoral division legislation changes, says Greens

THE Greens are fighting to amend Electoral Act to change the way the government deals with the region.

The Greens have written to NSW Premier Mike Baird and NSW Legislative Council leader Richard Colbeck asking that an amendment be made to the Local Government Elections Act to change the electoral divisions used in the State.

A spokesperson for Premier Mike Baird said he had the power to change electoral divisions and the State had to be consulted.

“The current electoral division in NSW has become extremely divisive,” said David Gallop.

“We want to ensure that the future of the NSW electoral division has m포커 룰aximum respect for our regional communities and for NSW Labor and the Green Party.

“I have heard from numerous councillors that they feel as if their interests are being undermined in NSW because of the division in power.”

Mr Gallop said the NSW강원안마 election laws had become “extremely divisive” and people felt they did not have a voice in the Government and in Local Government.

“This legislation is an attempt to ensure that every person can choose their own MP and NSW Government representatives,” Mr Gallop said.

The Opposition is pushing for Labor-friendly changes, too.

Premier Mike Baird has the power to change the Government’s electoral divisions, but the Greens would argue the change should take place on the ACT.

But Mr Gallop said no change would ever be a good thing.

“We would urge him to look at the facts first,” Mr Gallop said.

“If the Greens can get the ACT done, I am sure we could get the same things done across NSW in the future.”

The election laws and divisions matter for NSW, the Greens claim

The Greens want a regional electoral division bill, with a clause that all votes will be divided equally between major parties.

“There has been a significant increase in the regional voting density in NSW over the past three years, so a proportional representation model needs to be at least partially embraced,” Mr Gallop said.

“The Greens have a plan to try to put a cap on this, but we can’t get it on the table before the end 트럼프 카지노of the year.”

But Mr Gallop said an amended electoral division law would create a problem for Labor – both in seats and on the council.

“If there is a majority for both major parties and for two parties of the other, then the Greens might actually have an unfair upper hand,” Mr Gallop said