Mogg extends catalans contract with the following conditions. In addition to the regular requirements listed below, the contract provides a provision that catalans are to be employed solely as an army, in all other matters and at all times and to the extent that this will require the consent of the regent of the Empire.

The catalans will keep the capital city of Kala Kala while serving under the imperial se마사지 후기rvice until the end of the present term, at which point they will be transferred and remain in Kala Kala until the next general election.

The catalans will remain in Kala Kala until the end of the next general election.

The regent of the Empire in accordance with the terms of his contract with the catalans may, with the 충주출장마사지 충주출장안마express permission of the regent of Kala Kala, direct the catalans to leave Kala Kala at the expiration of ten years from the date of this notification, after which the catalans can be returne모바일 카지노d to their own city.

The catalans will be forbidden to join any other military forces for the remainder of the ten-year term until the Emperor of the Kala Kala Empire, the regent of the Empire, with the approval of the catalans, directly directs that the catalans be permitted to remain in Kala Kala during that period.

The catalans will no longer be authorized to serve under the regent of the Empire in accordance with the terms of his contract.

During the ten-year term specified in the contract, the catalans will perform a range of activities for the Imperial Military under the direct supervision of the Emperor and be allowed to return to their own cities.

The Emperor will make one additional provision for the regents of Kala Kala.

Upon confirmation from the regents of Kala Kala that there is no longer an urgent need to use the catalans and that they will be employed under the conditions specified in the stipulated contract, there should be no delay in taking these catalans into service under the imperial authority.

Once confirmed, the contract between the regents of Kala Kala and the imperial order of military service for the catalans will cease to be binding upon them, the catalans’ service under the imperial authority shall cease, and they will be permitted to go back to their own city.

It is understood that a regent of the Kala Kala Empire is to be appointed b