Pistorius lawyers condemn channel seven using re enactment video from Channel Seven. Channel Seven’s re enactment video depicts a discussion with a former employee of the g카지노 게임 사이트overnment’s department of health about his relationship with the government.

In a submission, the lawyer representing Channel Seven said:

“This video raises serious concerns with respect to both the conduct and its timing of release … Channel Seven’s handling of the incident is seriously lacking in both good faith and diligence.”

Pistorius responded to Channel Seven’s response by saying:

“A number of commentators and commentators across the political spectrum who have supported the government in the past – indeed have done so in the current leadership election – have been quick to blame the media. And Channel Seven has done an appalling job of providing a proper context.”

“There is no justification for Channel Seven’s coverage of a former public servant’s claims that he had made inappropriate sexual advances against women. Such comments were not made by the former public servant himself and do not reflect the views of Channel Seven. What is clear is that the issue is a gross breach of trust by the 카지노 쿠폰government’s department, which has a duty to protect members of our community from potentially dangerous behaviour.”

“For too long the Australian media has been on record as defending the government and the government is also defending those who are against them. It is unacceptable for journalists to play a role in enabling a situation this serious.”

“Pistorius is a former employee of the health ministry and I believe that Mr Milne, in providing detailed facts about the incident he is now considering legal action, has been acting on behalf of and in collusion with the government.”

“Given that the government has the power to order any citizen to give evidence in court it is difficult to see why this type of conduct would not be reported to the appropriate authorities.”

“My clients take this matter very seriously and we fully appreciate the government’s request that our client not fu광주출장마사지rther comment on its conduct.”

The report is available here: