Pm proposes crackdown on illegitimate payments to unions and workers’ representatives

10 January 2015

The Socialist Party of Russia (SVRD) has presented its draft draft “Proposal to the Party Central Committee to Investigate Workers’ Councils in the Organizational Structure of Workers’ Control Committees”, and the Party Central Committee has agreed that the plan was fully carried out in its first stages. The draft includes a number of initiatives relating to workers’ control, with specific focus on:

decreasing the influence of the unions in the workers’ control committees of companies that are already public bodies. These resolutions have been taken up by the national executive committee of workers’ control and are a key demand in the work of the Party. They have received a unanimous response, with no adverse comments.

decreasing and regulating the number of workers’ councilors. The number of workers’ councils is not directly dependent on the number of companies or on the type of employees: the plan does not give a single number, but specifies a total number of workers’ councils equal to the number of workers in each of the public service. A maximum of ten workers’ councils could be established in each worker cooperative, a minimum of thirt가평출장안마y and no more than one hundred. Workers’ control cooperatives must have a maximum of fifty employees. Workers’ councils in enterprises in which all employees work for themselves or collectively are authorized and managed by a supervisory body, and workers’ councils in non-industrial sectors with fewer than fifty workers work on a non-contract basis.

reducing the number of workers’ councils from three to two in each worker cooperative. Th출장is recommendation is approved by the National Executive Committee of the Party’s Workers’ Councils Committee, whose decisions are final and binding. The members of the NEC were responsible for drafting, drafting, drafting. This recommendation was adopted, with very few comments on the report of the NEC, including some very sympathetic comments.

promoting the participation of non-governmental unions, the State and the public sector and giving the government the right to require that non-governmental organizations refrain from participating in “public” organizations, such as trade unions or co-ops. This recommendation was supported by some.

strengthening the powers of the State Commission on Workers’ Control to supervise or initiate activities that have “impeded” the control of the management of a company. This recommendation was supported by the Party Central Committee and by most of the Party Central Committee.

strengthening the independence of the 영양출장샵 영양출장마사지independent organizations of worker