Public get say on wave farm plan

The 온라인 카지노wave farm plan by Minister for Agriculture, Food and Water Barry Gardiner envisages creating a wave farm project at two sites in Mayo and Kerry to assist rural communities in restoring and re-establishing water, stormwater and flood control operations.

It also envisages creating additional water management buildings at the three sites and an extension to the existing Kildare River Watershed Area Management Cent영천출장마사지re (JRBC) to manage flood waters.

The government’s water plans also included plans for a wave farm on the Wicklow coast, a 10 metre-high wave farm in Derry city and the creation of new flood control areas.

“The plans and recommendations put forward to pro슬롯 머신tect our public and our local communities from flood risk are important not only for our area but the world, which faces water challenges across the planet.

“The waves that will be generated on these projects were the result of the action of those who carried out research into wave engineering and engineering of these waves in the 1930s and 40s.

“The plan also recognises that today the need to reduce flood risks in the country and in particular in the South is greater than ever before.

“In the future, we will be working to encourage innovative solutions and further research, in part to provide local people with some peace of mind in case they ever find themselves in an area where a particular risk exists.”

An additional 100MW of solar energy and 20MW of additional wind generation are also planned for the project site at Kildare.

In Kerry a new wave farm is also planned but details have yet to be announced.