Push for gst funds to go to education, social services, health, water supplies, housing, & social programs, in addition to the more normal fund transfers from other governments, such as aid and foreign aid.

Increase the taxes on corporations.

The goal of the party is to move America in the direction of national social, economic, & cultural peace. This is why, under the leadership of FDR, FDR pushed Congress카지노 쿠폰 to raise taxes on corporations and encourage corporations to invest their income in “public improvement.”

FDR also fought against the evils of the big banks and made clear his commitment to the goal of national economic, social, & cultural peace by cutting off the foreign and domestic bank deposits of Nazi sympathizers and outlawing all banking relationships between private individuals (and businesses).

When he became president, Roosevelt used the full power of his office to implement this agenda! When Congress refused to pass a National Banking Act that would enforce the New Deal, FDR used the power of his office to institute the Federal Reserve Board which was the central bank which ran all major national bank accounts.

It is to be noted that FDR’s economic policies were not entirely consistent with his social philosophy, i.e. economic growth and peace. Most importantly, he pushed to extend his “New Deal” to help American industry and business, which was very much at odds with his economic doctrine of a growing economy & a growing society. He pushed to further expand Social Security, expanded aid to the poor, expanded health care for the sick, expanded public education,빅 카지노 to mention but a few.

His social agenda came to be viewed as in direct contradiction to America’s growing industrial, social, & cultural power.

FDR pushed for the expansion of health insurance & pensions for all Americans and he pushed the government to provide more benefits. His first social program, Social Security, became the single largest expansion of government aid to any American family in the history of the nation, which has led to mass솔레어 카지노ive increases in the size of Medicare, Medicaid, & insurance for all Americans.

FDR’s policies were the major factor of America’s social revolution.

FDR and his administration implemented most of these policies:


-FEDERAL WELFARE: FEDERAL WELFARE was built to serve the needs of the nation, it was not a program designed to be permanent. It was not a means of economic redistribution of wealth, but of the fulfillment of American people’s aspirations.