Resorts may be forced to fence pools, barbecues and other outdoor amenities outside of their licensed resort locations, with few exceptions.

A new rule in Maryland, known as a “sanctuary resort” ordinance, is under consideration by the Maryland General Assembly, according to a legislative aide.

That law creates a $50,000 “fencing” fee if there are any suspicious, criminal or underage visitors who may use public facilities, the aide said.

It would include anyone who may wander into a “sanctuary” pool or barbecue without a proper certificate, and anyone with alcohol or drugs in their system in a licensed-inhabited building.

The measure also would apply to guests who get into a vehicle while off-site. It would allow guests at pools or bars outside those facilities to check out.

“If you’re going to the pool after closing to come to the bar or barbecue before you leave, you should be allowed to come back out in the afternoon,” the aide said.

In 2013, four Maryland beaches had to build new pool facilities, as well as a large outdoor patio, after residents complained of crime.

In addition to Maryland, a similar measure was introduced this year in North Carolina, which went down to defeat after an effort to include gun and drug m카지노prohibitions in the bill was opposed by gun rights activists.

North Carolina’s bill, HB 1475, would have banned people from carrying concealed firearms within 100 yards of a swimming pool, beach, amusement park or other event held within state parks.

Also this year, California voters passed Proposition 47, which sought to restrict certain types of firearms on the state’s beaches.

It also would have required law enforcement to obtain a warrant before removing firearms from a public beach or park트럼프 카지노. It was killed in a referendum.

The Florida bill would require gun owners to obtain a permit for concea양산안마led guns.

The Florida measure also would make anyone found in possession of an illegal firearm subject to fines of as much as $1,000 or imprisonment for up to 180 days.

State Rep. Darryl Hilliard, R-Bath Township, a proponent of Prop 47, said many people had been taking guns from the people in their homes after the shooting.

In addition to prohibiting concealed carry, the bill would put a two-year freeze on concealed-carry laws while law enforcement developed a more comprehensive model of gun laws and training for public safety departments.

The bill also includes additional reporting provisions, which woul