Sacked liberal stands by anti muslim comments against al-Kadhimi and Obama by’moderate’ jihadis with clear connection to Al Qaeda, and by Al Qaeda-affiliated clerics in Tunisia

Signed the following letter – written on 7/7/11 and submitted to the US National Security Council – to President Bush:

“Dear President Bush, You just took away our freedom of religion. So now you’re threatening to take away our freedom of worship. You don’t know what the consequences of removing this freedom will be?

We don’t know if you’ll be sued for blasphemy in an international court. If you can’t keep a lid on things, then we’re probably done. It’s time for you to go to hell.

Sincerely yours,


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, son of Mujahid Muhammad (c.1979-1982)

Cyrus G. Abedi

(U.S. Embassy,충주출장마사지 London, U.S.A.)

February 7, 2011

Dear President Bush,

As we are the son and brother of al-Qaeda, we do not mind if you take the opportunity to ridicule those whom we denounce as evil, blasphemous, and blasphemous in the holy book of Islam, and the sacred writings of Muhammad, the Prophet and the Prophet’s companions.

We, and other Muslims who consider themselves the chosen people of God and Muslims in general, are outraged by the recent attacks on our religion which were perpetrated by members of some of our fellow Muslim sects who have sworn allegiance to different terrorist sects than us, and who do not take our place under our flag.

If this continues, it will only make it harder for us to fight the enemy who calls us infidels.

We fear that our freedom of religion will be under attack by 김해출장샵the Muslim brothers, in which will be committed acts of terrorism against us, and that the death penalty or imprisonment would be the only choice if the evil will be meted out, whether by a civilian or an enem강남출장샵y or by the military. (Abu Bakr Bin Laden, May 26, 2001)

I will not fail to protest to you that this is a clear attempt to establish a state in which only Muslims rule, whether that be in the military, the political or the media, in which all individuals are considered equally or more holy by God than they would be by a non-believer or a secular humanist. The Islami