Smokers ignorant of health risks survey of health professionals”.

“I have not smoked for over 20 years, and have a doctor’s recommendation for me to quit. I have been told by two other doctors that my medical condition is not serious and my insurance company is not covering me.”

“I have been offered very limited help by my family. I am on £20 a week (which is over £20 a week before tax).”

“The NHS is working with me and my partner to save강남 마사지 money so that we can be near to a flat which allows us to pay for our home.

“The NHS has made us feel like we are part of the ‘good work’ in my life, and I do feel that they have shown me that they are not, at the present time, willing to work with a person like me to save a living for my family.”

“I have had no support and the advice my docto울산안마rs have given me has made me feel that there are no solutions to my problems, that I could become depressed if I am not helped.”

“The NHS, in the past, has 24 시 출장given me a fair education and supported me so that I have a good working and earning potential.

“It appears that in the last two years it has not, or no longer is, providing support which I truly deserve.”