Sydney worker hit by 40kg falling boulder Copyright by KXAN – All rights reserved David Brown. (KXAN Photo) [ + – ] Video

Sydney workers were forced to jump over dangerous boulder Wednesday on the way to work on the Citylink Freeway.

Sydney has been trying to work out a new way to work and travel between the city’s transport hub and other city-owned and government premises. The tunnel system has been plagued by delays for years.

The company responsible for the work is contracted by the Sy룰렛dney Airport 실시간바카라Authority, but the com제천출장샵pany that the contractor works with, a company that was hired by Sydney City Council on a 30-day contract, was not working out contracts.

The incident happened on the 8700 block of Parkwood Drive.

One man was injured but was described as not critical, and another man, who was walking with another person, who was knocked back.

Truck drivers will be called to move the boulder, which is about 70-80 centimetres from ground level.

Citylink and the company that is responsible for the work were not immediately available for comment.