Tas country hour 1 february 2016

The first day was an event of epic proportions, and there was no doubt who finished first in the World Rally Championship 2016. In the final standings, the team from Russia dominated the whole race. Only two competitors separated themselves, while a very impressive 10 cars completed the finish: The Rusgospelhitzsian team came second, while the German team came third. This was a very exciting race, as it marked an important step in the evolution of the Russian rally team, after the previous seasons of dominance from the last five years.

The team is composed of the same two team of Sebastian and Ido Bilyakov, who were born and bred together in Russia, but now have a better and better connection from Germany. The Russian team also has a strong presence in the American rallying scene.

“All in all we finished as leaders,” Ido Bilyakov said after his team took to the starting straight. “We were always the dominant team this year. We managed to put in a strong push into the first hour in order to close out the first race of the World Rally Championship and get the first win. We came from the back with one lap to go and had two chances to win. We were able to win the first race of the season with only two cars on the grid, which made th바카라사이트e task to complete the course as easy as possible. And I’m especially happy because we had another chance to finish with more cars in the championship after a really strong start.”

Sebastian Biryukov and co. put in strong performances in each of the first two hours, but the team didn’t find success in the final lap. After 10 minutes the team’s lead got to zero and the first car to stop could finish the race.

“Myself and my colleagues were on the edge all the way through the first session,” Sebastian Biryukov said after the race. “But all of a sudden the last laps started to look promising and it started to become clear that our chances had우리카지노 grown. We finally found a breakaway, and after we secured it we moved to the very start, but we couldn’t find a good breakaway car. As I mentioned before, our chances were growing, but our situation remained very precarious, and it wasn’t a good race to finish. It was unfortunate for me and everyone on the team because we needed a solid place in the final standings. But this was a great finish, and I would like to thank everyone who supported our team by backing us through th