Tc yasi caused by climate change greens are asking for new oil, new gas and, most importantly, new fossil fuel subsidies. If the climate crisis isn’t resolved, or if it comes to be recognized as a real global issue, then there will be little point in allocating energy subsidies, oil and gas subsidies and fossil fuel subsidies to fight global warming, at least not for 20 to 30 years.

A couple of words about that 20 to 30-year horizon. The fossil fuel subsidies and oil and gas subsidies will have to be paid out in a little more than a decade’s time — a little more than 20 years to keep prices of the fossil fuels at present levels, which would keep CO2 levels unchanged. That 20 years’ time — o출장 안마r even two years for gas subsidies, depending on fuel efficiency upgrades — will give us a glimpse of what the global market for fossil fuels is likely to be, with prices still at present levels.

If all we really need is an order of magnitude more energy efficiency, better air quality and other improvements for the environment than current technology permits, then we have no real need for subsidies for either oil or gas. In fact, we actually have the same need now as we did in the early part of the 20th Century. But instead of a 20-year window on efficiency improvements for fuel efficiency improvements for the environment, it could be a year or two, to make the incremental improvement th김해출장마사지rough carbon capture, storage and utilization (CSA).

In other words, as our world-wide climate catastrophe gets underway, we could soon see oil subsidies disappear altogether, while the benefits of CSA for energy efficiency improvements, the실시간바카라사이트 benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the benefits of reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases would all outweigh the costs of increasing the cost of producing fossil fuels.

As for carbon capture and storage, we also are likely to see a lot of technology used to store CO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants and from gas-fired power plants. But our world is getting increasingly carbon neutral. This makes the benefits of carbon capture and storage more apparent. It means that in 20 or 30 years, even those fossil fuel subsidies and oil and gas subsidies that will give the most benefit to the companies and individuals at the top of the oil and gas and coal business, will go away.

So we have another world with a real chance of avoiding serious, long-term warming from the climate crisis, and a real chance for carbon capture and storage to come to help us reduce global warming. But the only wa