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A spokesperson for the prime minister’s office said Turnbull had a “robust policy agenda”, including a $50bn investment package for the economy, “that meets the needs of the Australian people”.

“The prime minister has consistently supported a stron바카라 사이트g and healthy financial markets and believes the global financial system is far stronger than it was five years ago,” they said. “The prime minister’s policy agenda will continue the current reform approach to provide economic certainty to the Australian people.”

They also noted that Turnbull had committed to implementing the $20bn infrastructure package and said the Australian government had signed up to the Trans Pacific Partnership trade영천출장마사지 agreement.

And after two-and-a-half hours of tough questioning, the ABC asked Turnbull how he planned to avoid yet more embarrassing mistakes, like the Labor party’s failure to win his support for their budget for 2019-20. “The big part of my policy agenda is that I intend to focus on investment in education,” he said.

The Australian Financial Review’s David Marr was next asked how the prime minister planned to implement a $4bn pension freeze.

“Well, we know that there’s an incredible amount of interest in the [national disability insurance system] … we’ve had the discussion … but we are doing a review of it and it’s not in any way a replacement for existing systems. It’s just a way of stabilizing and providing for things like the ageing of the population and the changes to support for people with disabilities,” he said.

He asked whether the government’s decision on the carbon tax was about “bribing Australians to cut back on carbon”.

“In this case, the fact is that when we set out to set o양산안마ut to find a way of stabilizing the market over the coming decades to provide the highest return on investment – and we believe the return on investment is about 50% – that that was about the most direct way we could find an approach that was sustainable,” he said.

Marr added that “in my view, because these are the most important issues that we’re going to have in the coming decades, the focus on carbon was important to the prime minister to make sure we didn’t lose this opportunity”.

The Turnbull administration’s announcement of a $4bn infrastructure package has become a defining moment in its early months. Labor’s shadow treasurer Joe Hockey, who has long been critical of the Abbott government, has questioned why the government did not provide