Union fears vicforests move to hurt regions they are trying to help

A bill to protect the Australian vicforests’ right to farm was passed in the Upper House of the Parliament on Wednesday by the Upper House of the Parliament in New South Wales, while the Government is also expected to agree to the reintroduction of the controversial farming bill, if the Upper House approves the proposal. The bill to protect the Australian vicforests’ right to farm passed by the Parliament with a vote of 78–23.

The bill was introduced by the Hon. David Leyonhjelm with support from his colleagues in the Upper House and two Nationals, the Member for New England (Natasha) Andrews and the Member for Western Sydney (Joanne Parry).

It is intended to protect the rural sector from the vicforests’ expansion in the area of their native plantations or other activities by the VicForests NSW group of companies, which have a 30-year lease on land that includes some of the most pristine native vegetation of any wildland. The Victorian government, in its 2010 forestry legislation, set a minimum of 2.6 million hectares of virgin native vegetation t화천안마 화천출장안마o be protected. It also established a framework of policies and management that will ensure that virgin native vegetation remains a major asset to the Victorian economy for generations.

“The Australian state government needs to ensure that the VicForests NSW group of companies do not have its own farmlands under the control of the state or성남출장마사지 성남출장안마 federal government, while safeguarding that valuable native habitat as part of our national conservation heritage,” said Julie King, VicForests NSW’s director of conservation programs.

“The Bill includes an exception that gives the VicForests NSW group of companies special protections if they are only perm로투스 홀짝itted to grow certain ‘natural’ plants while not growing crops on their own land. We believe that is the only option that would give these groups the most level playing field on virgin native vegetation in our country. We would support ensuring that our native plants are protected at all times in our forests while also working with VicForests NSW to ensure that these plants receive adequate conservation services and education. It is important that we do this before we see other VicForests companies taking over some of our native vegetation,” she said.

“This bill is the first of its kind in Australia to protect our virgin native vegetation. It has been designed so that the state and the federal governments would be required to give equal consideration and recognition to the nature of our virgin native vegetation to ensure the sustainability of our state and country