Utah police officer who dragged screaming nurse is fired http://t.co/UHv3iUH9Zl via @abc7houston — Austin Morning News (@AMN7news) April 23, 2015

The video shows the officer dragging the woman behind him as she cries. He then runs over to the nurse with his rifle, the video shows. Police found the woman and she suffered a gunshot wound to her right hand.

According to the arrest report, the nurse told police the attac카지노 사이트ker was the same assailant that allegedly attacked her and her family a year ago.

HPD, I-10-West Station, Austin, TX – A witness says an officer shot a woman running down Hwy 210 after allegedly attacking her daughter. @abc7houston @WOAH — Chris Noyes (@ChrisNoyesTV) April 24, 2015

Austin, Texas Police Dept. te인터넷 바카라lls Channel 11 News that the department has been informed of the incident.

HPD statement on report that an AusSM 카지노tin Police Officer pulled up to a woman who had just been attacked by an officer on I-10/West. He shot her after she fled to the car and got her child to safety. –WFAA –

This report is developing.